Tuesday, January 1, 2013

The Mother of God

I couldn't let today go by without writing something to honor Mary on this feast day. In the Catholic church today we honor Mary as the Mother of God. Here is a great little bit on what this feast day means (taken from the magnificat devotional)

"The Blessed Virgin Mary is born to be the Mother. The supreme consolation that our Lady receives at the cross of her Son is the assurance that her vocation as Mother does not end with Christ's death. The Lord commands the world ,"Behold your mother." The resurrection begins for Mary-and for us-with these words. The Blessed Virgin's womb remains for ever fruitful. Mary leads us to Christ, but Christ leads us back to his Mother, for without Mary's maternity, Jesus would become a mere abstraction to us. The Lord wills to "let his face shine on upon" us through the face of the Mother of God. We serve a Mother who seems to grow more beautiful as new generations rise up and call her blessed." -G.K. Chesterton

Thank you Mary for Mothering me through the death of my son, I am eternally grateful for your love.


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