Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Thought this was a great response the the supposed "expert" that was on the Ricki Lake show last week. I never watch her show but saw the clip she aired with newly bereaved parents (5 months out) who had lost their infant daughter. The grief "expert" told them they needed to "fake it til they make it." I and anyone who has been through the death of a child knows there is no faking anything. Loved the validation this article gave about what it is really like once you lose your baby.


  1. She's so right. You will never get over losing a child. You will find joy again, but that child will always be loved and adored.

    I love how she wrote about fear and love:
    I fear more because I lost...
    I love more because I lost...

    I feel so similar in my grief.

  2. That was my favorite line too! I can relate to it so much. I still can't believe how bad that grief therapist was on the show!