Now I Lay me Down to Sleep
(This is a wonderful non-profit group that will take photos for free of your child after they are born.)

Groups around the area (Peoria,IL)

Grief Share- A 13 week support group for women who have experienced a pregnancy loss. They meet every Tuesday at Bethany Baptist Church at 9 AM. Contact is Nicole Pepper – There is free babysitting for your other children during this time.

Peoria SHARE- Support group for all pregnancy losses- 4th Thursday of every month at Grace and Peace Lutheran Church in Peoria. 6:30 PM. Contact- (even though this is held at a church it is a secular group)

Peoria SHARE- Support group for all pregnancy losses- 3rd Tuesday of every month at Methodist Atrium on main floor on right side of the lobby. 6:30 PM. Contact Donna Patrick- 309-672-5584.


Naming the Child (All pregnancy losses)- Jenny Schroedel

Empty Arms (all pregnancy losses) ---Sherrokee Ilse

Life touches Life (memoir of stillbirth-full term)- Lorraine Ash

Trusting God through the Tears (memoir of a Father loosing his son)- Jehu Thomas Burton

They were Still Born (collection of stillbirth stories)—Janel Atlas

An Exact Replica of a Figment of my Imagination(memoir of stillbirth-full term)- Elizabeth McCracken

Empty Cradle, Full Heart(All pregnancy losses)—Christine O’ Keeffe Lafser

Grieving the Child I Never Knew(All pregnancy Losses)—Kathe Wunnenberg

I Never Held You (Healing after a Miscarriage)- Ellen Dubois

I will Carry you (story of a mother who received a terminal diagnosis for child and chose to carry the baby to term)- Angie Smith

Misty, our Momentary Child (full term infant loss with baby living only a few hours)- Carole Gift Page (This is a blog that includes over 100 blogs of women who have had pregnancy losses in all stages)