Friday, January 11, 2013

Love Seeing His Name

Thank you to Kyla at Tossie's Tree for painting Caleb's name. The symbol she painted is a little lamb. For some reason that seems to be how I always see Caleb: in Heaven with the lambs. I remember in prayer about 4 weeks after Caleb died asking Caleb "what are you doing up in Heaven right now?" I felt him respond "playing with the lambs and since I am so small they let me ride them." That gave me peace and made me smile. Then a week later I was at a retreat and I kept thinking about him with the lambs and riding them and wondering if I had just made that up or if it was a real prayer moment. I turned the corner in the chapel we were at and saw this picture.

I was so touched and of course started crying. Jesus, baby Jesus, riding on a lamb. Beautiful. I felt convicted that what I had received in prayer was real, not just my imagination.  Over the months since Caleb died the lamb image always comes back. I think the lamb and Caleb go together so much because the lamb was known for its innocence. Anyways, thats some of the story of the lamb and Caleb. Thank you again Kayla for this!

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