Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Feelings of April

I feel like the stage is set..It's April again. And honestly Im doing alright, just crying more often, unable to hold the tears in. It all is so raw this time of year, again. Mostly though this year I just keep remembering the anticipation we had. Seeing the calendar turn to April 1 and thinking "this is it! The month he will come!Finally!." Putting together the stroller and last minute things in the nursery. Washing all the clothes, packing the hospital bag, writing up our birth plan.(strange sidenote-our birth plan included things to do in case of neonatal death-ex-call priest, let us have time with baby,etc. When I showed it to 2 different midwives at appointments they both said-take it off! This baby isn't going to die! Don't be so negative......I swear my mother's intuition just knew).

Im trying to lay low in anticipation for next week, his birthday week. We started a tradition of taking treats up to the labor and delivery floor and our OB office. We just could not have gotten through his birth without those two places. But I know going back there is exhausting and his birthday itself will be emotional. But for right now Im just going to enjoy the warm weather and remember him and the anticipation we had.

Taken just one week before you were born sweet baby boy! Your dad and I had one last "date night" and then came home and took our weekly picture of how big you had gotten! I was counting down the days until you would be here!

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