Tuesday, April 1, 2014

The Beginning of the End

April 1st. Well Caleb's month is here and in a few short weeks we will be celebrating his 3rd birthday! I cannot believe he should be/would be/is 3.  So in anticipation of his birthday I'd like to start the beginning of the end. About 6 months ago God put it on my heart to wrap this blog up. God had told me to start this blog to chronicle the journey of grief. My purpose for it has always been as a ministry tool and a way to look back over what we've gone through. So I guess it seemed fitting that this space needs an end just like it had a beginning. When I first felt God pushing for an end to this space, I agreed with Him and still do-what else can I say? It still hurts, I still miss him, I'll always wonder why us? I really don't know what more there is to write about here that hasn't already been said.

I prayed about it and decided that on Caleb's 3rd birthday I would post my final entry on this space. In the 16 days from now to then, I'll be posting a few things along with some special guest posts from my husband. Even though I won't be writing here anymore, I'll still be posting updates for our ministry to our new Facebook page Immaculate Hope Ministries. And I'll be keeping this blog up to pass on as a reference to those who are going through loss. So stay tuned for just a few more posts as we count down!

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