Wednesday, December 5, 2012


Wanted to point out that I added a new section called "the letters" on my blog. It explains them all if you click on that page. Enjoy!

Also wanted to share this post with everyone. Reading others journeys after babyloss has been so healing for me. In this post, Brooke, who is 2 years from losing her first baby Eliza, talks honestly about the holidays, grief, and just what 2 years of being without her baby looks like. I couldn't stop nodding my head as a read her words. Grief is so universal and so similar sometimes. My favorite line in her post "Oh My God. You guys. My baby died." Yup still feel like that most of the time. Its all there right below the surface. Hoping you read this post and feel less alone or gain some insight into loss further on down the road.

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