Thursday, December 29, 2011

The best remedy for grief I have found

This is Siena. We got her one month to the day after Caleb died. I had always wanted a puppy and while we were in the hospital delivering Caleb I asked my husband if we could get one. He said after everything we had been through we could get 2 puppies if I wanted! Needless to say, one was enough and we decided on a Welsh Terrier.

I have spent so much time with this puppy the last 8 months. She has cried with me, made me laugh, and cuddled with me. She gets me out of the house to go for walks. I truly never knew how therapeutic pets could be. Siena stays by my side and loves me through everything. She is always happy to see me when I come in the door and give me lots of love and affection.

Siena continues to be a light in our darkness. She is a living memorial to Caleb (we call her Caleb's puppy).  Last January we picked new saints to pray to for the following year out of a saint box our friends had. We drew one for Caleb and he got St. Catherine of Siena. We thought it was fitting to name his puppy after his saint. So far, Siena lives up to her name sake. Very fiery but compassionate and not a mean bone in her body just like Saint Catherine of Siena.

I would recommend getting a pet for any grieving person (if they are able to). My schedule worked out nicely in order for us to bring home a puppy.  Perhaps if you know someone who is grieving and you have a pet, you could bring the pet over for a visit. There is nothing like unconditional love from a furry friend.

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